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Woodland Pointe is ideal for forward looking organizations who want a space to make their own. For companies who value innovation — who care about where their team works as much as the work their team does. If you’re looking for a community that merges high end amenities with an unrivaled location, Woodland Pointe is for you. Learn more about how your team can thrive at Woodland Pointe.

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Creative &
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Security & Tech

Positioned in the cybersecurity and tech hub of the DC metro region, Woodland Pointe is an ideal property for security and tech organizations looking to make a statement while improving their bottom line. Enjoy a state of the art space, improve your team’s collaboration and productivity, work securely, and join other top companies like Google, Amazon and SAP. Make Woodland Pointe the home for innovation.

Unique Property Features

  • Unparalleled building security
  • Private parking and limited site access
  • All necessities on-site
  • Multiple spaces conducive to onsite servers
Woodland Pointe man talking on Computer headset
Woodland Pointe Man on Computer

Health & Environment

Woodland Pointe prioritizes employee wellness and environmental sustainability. As a result, it’s the perfect place for companies that are on the forefront of using technology to create a brighter, more sustainable future for us all. Woodland Pointe is walking and biking friendly and features green space that encourages an active, happy lifestyle for employees. Find out why Woodland Pointe is the workplace of the future.

Unique Property Features

  • Improved green space
  • Walking and biking friendly
  • Minutes from metro and bus stations

Creative & Cloud Based

Woodland Pointe is a dream come true for creatives. From unique collaborative spaces to all the latest technology and amenities, Woodland Pointe empowers teams with the flexibility and resources to change the world from a single location. Woodland Pointe features open floor plans, highly efficient floor plate, a state of the art conference center, a communal cafe area and more. Where you work matters. Get everything you need at Woodland Pointe.

Unique Property Features

  • Open floor plans and flexible space
  • Conference center
  • Communal cafe
  • Collaborative spaces
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At Woodland Pointe, you can customize your space exactly how you want regardless of your industry or mission. Explore floor plans and view current availability.